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At Brownstone Dental, we can provide you with dental surgery services for a number of problems. While many dental offices will refer you to a specialist, we offer surgery services right here in one place for your convenience. We serve Bellaire, Houston, Missouri City, TX & beyond! Call our cosmetic dentists today!


If you need oral surgery for any reason, we have qualified dental specialists who can complete the work. Whether you need your wisdom teeth or other teeth extracted or you need more significant work done, we will make sure you are comfortable and safe throughout the entire procedure.


Crown lengthening is a surgical procedure that exposes a greater amount of your tooth structure. This is needed for the purpose of restoring the tooth with prosthetics, whether crowns or otherwise.


If you have numerous missing teeth, we can permanently replace them with implants. We will place a post into the gum line which we will use to them implant replacement teeth that match the shape and color of your teeth for a natural look. We also off All on 4 Implants is a new style of implant in which 4 posts are implanted into the gumline, acting as the anchor for a whole line of replacement implant teeth.
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