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Damaged and missing teeth can cause you problems besides just leaving gaps in your smile. These teeth can negatively affect your ability to properly chew your food, limiting the number of foods you will be able to eat. Missing teeth can also make it difficult to properly enunciate certain words. At Brownstone Dental, we offer a wide range of reconstructive dental services to help repair and replace those missing teeth. If you are in Bellaire, Houston or Missouri City, TX, Call Us to schedule an appointment with our cosmetic dentists to discuss the solutions available to you.


Porcelain crowns are used to replace the exterior portion of a damaged tooth. They can be engineered to look natural and complete the look of the smile you want. Crowns can be maintained with proper brushing and flossing. Whether you need a crown to finish a root canal or to restore a tooth that is damaged, our dental professionals will make sure your crown closely matches the shape and color of your original tooth.


If you have multiple missing teeth, we can place a fixed dental bridge in place. This bridge will take the place of the teeth, restore your ability to properly chew food, and keep your natural teeth in place, as shifting can occur when there are spaces next to teeth. The dental bridge will be designed to match the shape and color of your teeth, so the teeth will look natural when you smile and function properly when you chew or speak.


When a tooth has become damaged, food, plaque, and bacteria can cause the pulp inside your tooth can become infected. Once infected, this tooth can cause you serious pain, especially when you try eating hot or cold foods. We can perform the root canal therapy you need, cleaning out the tooth and sealing it to ensure no further infection occurs. We can also place a crown over the tooth, so it looks and functions the way you need it to.


Scaling and root planing is a deep, below-the-gumline cleaning that will remove the plaque that is causing periodontal disease. This is the treatment you need to keep the plaque from causing tooth loss or even bone loss in your jaw.
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