Deep Cleaning Teeth: What To Eat And Avoid

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Dental deep cleaning is a necessary procedure that prevents gum diseases from damaging your teeth, gums, and your general oral health.

Now, here’s the question that may pop into your mind after the procedure—what can I eat after a deep cleaning of my teeth?

This article gives you all the details about the method, food recommendations, and tips after the treatment.

Why get your teeth cleaned?

female patient having deep cleaning

Deep cleaning is an important treatment to avert potential oral infections from developing into serious gum diseases.

You need a deep cleaning if you develop inflamed and bleeding gums, excessive teeth sensitivity, and swelling. These are early signs of gum diseases that require treatment to stop them from getting worse.

If left untreated, gum diseases can pose a threat to your overall health. You can get diseases from bad oral health like diabetes and heart disease.

Aside from these, having poor oral health also lowers self-confidence. Gum disease can lead to tooth decay, tartar buildup, stained teeth, and bad breath, which prevents you from showing off a flawless smile.

At Brownstone Dental, you can achieve your best oral health with our deep cleaning treatment. Our dentists can explain further what is deep cleaning teeth and its benefits.

They can perform the procedure using tools like curettes or ultrasonic inserts to polish your teeth and clean your gums.

Although the method may be uncomfortable and can last for 1-2 hours, you will not feel any pain. We will have to inject anesthesia to help you endure the procedure without discomfort.

Call us today to book a free consultation with our dental experts in our Houston, Texas, location.

When can you eat after a cleaning?

Deep cleaning can turn your mouth sensitive. The question is, can you eat after deep gum cleaning?

Yes, eating after deep cleaning is not prohibited.

However, you must wait for a specific time before munching your food. The waiting time depends on the type of deep cleaning procedure you undergo.

Cleaning plus fluoride treatment

fluoride treatment in a child

A fluoride treatment is a topical therapy that strengthens the teeth and prevents cavities.

If your deep cleaning comes with a fluoride treatment, you have to wait for half an hour before you start eating.

If you skip this part, the fluoride treatment applied to your teeth will dilute. It will lead to lesser effectiveness of the treatment.

Cleaning without fluoride

You can eat after dental cleaning if the procedure does not have fluoride. However, we recommend you give your mouth a few minutes to calm down and relax after an hour-long operation.

Cleaning with AirFlow-type air polishers

An AirFlow-type air polisher is an advanced tool to clean your teeth. However, your teeth temporarily have a higher risk of having stains with this procedure. If your dentist used this, you must wait 30 minutes before eating to reduce potential tooth stains.

What can you eat after a teeth cleaning?

Because the process can take up to two hours, depending on your treatment, it is usual that you feel hungry after your appointment.

The good thing is that you can eat after your deep cleaning, and you do not have to wait hours to load up again.

Remember to wait until the anesthesia has worn out before taking a bite.

Eating while the mouth is still numb increases the risk of biting your tongue or lips, which slows down the healing process.

Soon after the numbness goes away, you can now eat with precaution. There are specific guidelines for choosing what type of food to eat.

Recommended Foods to Eat After Deep Dental Cleaning

mashed potato food

The food you need to eat should be soft and easy to chew and swallow.

After deep cleaning your teeth, what you can eat are the following:

  • Soft bananas, mashed potatoes, and yogurt
  • Soups that are not too hot
  • Smoothies
  • Soft vegetables
  • Hard-boiled eggs
  • Soft-cooked rice and pasta

Foods to Avoid After Deep Dental Cleaning

alcoholic beverages should avoid after cleaning teeth

Deep cleaning can make your teeth and gums sensitive. It needs time to heal and for the treatments to take effect.

You may have to wait for hours before eating food such as:

  • Hot beverages and food like hot coffee and hot soup
  • Citruses like oranges and tomatoes
  • Spicy food and alcoholic beverages
  • Crunchy chips, nuts, and popcorn
  • Cold food such as ice cream

Always remember to stay hydrated and avoid sugary drinks that can stain your teeth.

Immediate post-operative instructions for a deep cleaning

Aftercare measures are just as necessary as the procedure itself. Here is post-treatment instruction to keep in mind after the procedure.


After your deep dental cleaning, you may experience episodes of discomfort and pain. Pop over-the-counter pain medications such as Ibuprofen and Tylenol to ease the discomfort.

Your dentist may also prescribe antibiotics to avoid infections. Take these medications on schedule and follow the instructions properly.

Home care for discomfort

To reduce swelling and discomfort, which may take a couple of days, you can use an ice pack and place them on your cheeks.

Rinse your mouth with salt water 4-6 times daily. It ensures that your mouth does not have any bacteria that may trigger infection.

Oral hygiene regime

You should be able to return to your regular day-to-day dental routine, such as toothbrushing, at least three times a day.

Use oral rinse and regular flossing after each meal to remove food bits and crumbs tucked between your teeth and gums.

Most importantly, observe a proper diet and return to your dentist regularly to ensure that your teeth are well taken care of.

Deep cleaning teeth in Houston, Texas

deep cleaning in Houston, Tx

Gum diseases are preventable if you prioritize the health of your teeth and gums. Part of a good oral care regimen is having a trusted dental clinic that can help you take care of your oral health.

If you live in Houston, Texas, or nearby cities, you can call us at Brownstone Dental, and we’ll take care of your teeth from consultation to regular check-ups.

We provide dental services such as deep cleaning performed by the best oral experts in the city.

Book a free consultation at Brownstone Dental and give your teeth and gums the best deep cleaning services in Houston, Texas, today.

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