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Brownstone Dental can perform any oral operation safely as the best dental surgery services in Houston, Tx.

Dental Surgeon in Houston, Texas

At Brownstone Dental, we can provide you with dental surgery services for a number of oral health problems. From simply extracting your decayed teeth to providing treatment for gum infection and potential oral cancer, we can address these issues by performing successful operations.

While many dental offices will refer you to a specialist, we offer surgery services right here in one place for your convenience. Dr. Saif Shere, is a leading professional in surgical dentistry in Houston, Texas who is well-trained in performing different types of surgeries for teeth, gums, and jaws. He can give you a full assessment of your condition and provide you with the right solution through Brownstone Dental’s excellent services.

What is Dental Surgery

Dental surgery, also known as oral surgery, is a surgical operation on your natural teeth, gums, jaws, and other facial structures. The surgery can range from wisdom teeth extractions, dental bone grafts, implants, periodontal (gum) grafts, corrective jaw surgery, and many others. Only dental surgery specialists such as periodontists and oral and maxillofacial surgeons can perform these procedures. They underwent years of education and training before they can legally conduct oral surgeries.

When Do You Need Dental Surgery?

Poor oral hygiene and other underlying conditions may contribute to different oral problems. If these problems remain unaddressed, they can lead to surgeries. Oral operations are vital to reduce the potential risk of infections spreading to other parts of the mouth and the whole body.

These are some of the cases where you might need dental surgery services:

  • Dental crowding
  • Extensive tooth decay
  • Weakened jawbone
  • Damaged teeth
  • Tooth infection
  • Gum infections
  • Cracked or broken teeth

Missing teeth problem? At Brownstone Dental we will give you a very satisfactory dental implant surgery you deserve.

How Brownstone Dental Works On Your Surgical Dental Services

After evaluating your condition, Dr. Saif Shere will have to determine the proper surgery for you. You may undergo any of these operations to address your oral health issue.


If you need oral surgery for any reason, we have qualified dental specialists who can complete the work. Whether you need your wisdom teeth or other teeth extracted or you need more significant work done, we will make sure you are comfortable and safe throughout the entire procedure.


If you have numerous missing teeth, we can permanently replace them with implants. We will place a post into the gum line which we will use to them implant replacement teeth that match the shape and color of your teeth for a natural look. We also off All on 4 Implants is a new style of implant in which 4 posts are implanted into the gumline, acting as the anchor for a whole line of replacement implant teeth.


Crown lengthening is a surgical procedure that exposes a greater amount of your tooth structure. This is needed for the purpose of restoring the tooth with prosthetics, whether crowns or otherwise.

Need for Oral Surgery? Brownstone Dental will make sure you’ll feel safe on your dental surgery.

How Much Does Dental Surgery Cost

The cost of a dental surgery varies depending on the operation type and the condition’s severity. It may only be a minimal cost if you need your wisdom teeth removed or a simple outpatient procedure. However, for maxillofacial surgery and other types of reconstructive surgery, you need to expect a higher fee. 

You also need to consider the dentist’s professional fees when computing the procedure’s overall cost. 

Brownstone Dental can provide you with an accurate estimate of a dental surgery cost. You just have to book an appointment for the initial assessment to have a basis for the computation. 

If you are on a tight budget, Brownstone Dental provides financing so you do not have to delay your operation. Talk to us now to know more.

Why Choose Brownstone Dental for your Dental Surgery Treatment?

A dental surgery treatment is a crucial procedure for your oral health. It is not just a simple teeth whitening which can be done by a general dentist. A surgery has to be handled only by a board certified surgical dental services provider.

At Brownstone Dental, we provide you with:

Personalized care and service. 

We treat each patient with the utmost care by providing specialized services that suit your needs.

Leading dental surgeon in Texas. 

You know you will be in good hands with Dr. Saif Shere as your oral surgeon. He is a highly-trained specialist in Houston, Texas dental surgery and is recognized by different dental organizations in the United States.

Easy financing. 

We offer affordable packages of dental surgeries. If you have a tight budget, we also provide easy financing so you do not need to delay your operation.

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